3TravelBug: A Top 100 Travel Blog

Being able to write this post after only blogging for 16 months is a surreal moment. If the title hasn’t given it away already, 3TravelBug is now a top 100 travel blog ranking at 79!

Creating the blog in May 2017, the blog was originally just a place where we would write about our trips so we could remember them. We never expected to gain an audience of over 62,000 views by September 2018. The idea came during our Iceland trip where we started to go-pro our travels. Within a couple of months, we noticed that when we posted we were attracting high levels of traffic. But what was more exciting, was during our Asia trip where we didn’t post for 2 months but the levels of traffic were still impressive! This was probably the point where we thought that we could create a proper travel blog that can help others, instead of just a trip down memory lane for ourselves. 

During the last 16 months the blog has changed quite drastically. Originally, it gained traction with friends over social media accounts before exploding to over 120 different countries! The writing style changed to be more open and more inclusive for people who were inexperienced travellers to people who were travel nomads. We launched a new subsection, “Travel Guides”, where we explained the method behind how we travel, as well as summing up our 2017 travel adventures. In our latest posts, we created a post that showed our best pictures to date, that within the first two weeks has over 1,000 views! We have on a continuous basis been praised by other bloggers for our brute honesty when it comes to our travel experiences. We don’t try to hide something when it goes wrong – like when we were scammed in India.

Obviously, we would like to thank everyone that has supported our blog, whether that be reading our content, sharing or signing up for our email subscription. We could not have seen this quick development with the support of all of you. Since the creation, we have tried our best to listen to your feedback and create new angles on how we can show people the very best of travelling.

What we can promise for the future, is the travelling will only get bigger and better, and hopefully our blog too. Like 2017, 2018 has been an amazing year with trips still planned and some more in the planning stage. 2019 is set to be an even bigger year and hopefully we can keep you entertained with all the new material!


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Hi there! I'm Emilio, I am a recent university graduate who wants to inspire people to travel the world! I am 21 years old and my aim is to travel to as many countries as possible. I currently have visited 31 different countries since 2015, with many more planned for the future.

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