Thailand: Islands and Krabi – Adventure Hard Party Hard

After having one of the best times of our lives in Vietnam for 17 days, (Vietnam: Home of Adventure) we finally left for Thailand. Initially, we were going to give ourselves a couple of days in Phuket but decided against this and headed straight to the islands. Arriving in Phuket late at night from Ho Chi Minh City, we went straight to bed so we would wake up early(ish) before getting a ferry over to Koh Phi Phi. The next morning, we checked out some markets in Phuket before heading over to the ferry point. Disclaimer: Before we set off on our travels, we had researched how to get from one island to another. We found very confusing information that made it sound very difficult and hard work. However, we got 6 ferries in total to all the islands and back to the mainland, and never experienced any issues and problems at all!

After arriving in Koh Phi Phi after a two-hour ferry journey, we headed over to our hostel. We had originally just booked a one-night stay at a hostel that I would not recommend. After we had checked in to our hostel, we decided to spend the rest of the day at the beach and just drink a few beers. This is one of the reasons that makes Phi Phi such a wonderful place to visit. In the daytime, you can just relax by the beach and then have a crazy night out.

The next day we checked into our new hostel where we would spend the next couple of days. I would definitely recommend Blanco Beach Bar hostel. This hostel offers trips, tips and a mad night every single night. From its fire dance shows, limbo competitions and its infamous hand grenade challenge, there’s no chance that you will not have a great night. As soon as we arrived, we signed up for their boat party. There are two prices you can pay either 1300Baht or 2000Baht. Obviously, we went for the 2000Baht, which included 10 free drinks after the boat party, a Blanco boat party tank top and a barbeque. Whilst on the boat party you can jump off the boat, snorkel and kayak, as well as meeting a load of new people that you’ll be spending the rest of the night with. It’s safe to say that the boat party is worth its money as you get drunk on the boat, as well as being able to “cash” in your 10 free drinks when you get back to the hostel.

After the boat party finished, we met up with one of our girlfriends and her friend, and one of our friends we had met in Cambodia. We’d like to say that we remembered the night. However, as you can imagine, the amount of drinking that is involved staying at Blanco’s means that night becomes hazy. What we know for sure is that there were a lot of drinks, party games and competitions. Even in our drunken state, we managed to come runners-up in the beer pong tournament. Our third and final day in Phi Phi started with a lay-in before walking around some of the shops. Later we headed to the beach where we relaxed all day, before “crashing” a pool party at the hostel next door. However, this wasn’t the best so we headed back to our hostel to get prepared to go to the viewpoint in the evening. To get to the viewpoint you have to climb hundreds of steps before finally getting there. Nevertheless, the view overlooking the island with the sun setting is phenomenal and definitely worth the climb!


Back at the hostel, we decided as it was our last night, that we would attempt the Blanco’s infamous hand grenade challenge. For 600baht, you have to do shots of tequila, amaretto, jaeger, vodka and some even mixed with beer.  Safe to say we were all hammered after this. The good thing about staying at Blanco’s, is that the limbo competition means every time you do the limbo, you get a free shot (however it is watered down). Nonetheless, after you’ve been doing this for a long time it still gets you really drunk.

After a second crazy night out in Phi Phi, the five of us decided to get a ferry to Krabi and stay at Slumber Party Hostel. Known for being the best party hostel in Thailand, you can imagine what happened here. There’s only one word to describe Slumber Party – MAD. Free food at 8pm every night, quickly leads to getting people downstairs before free shots are dished out by the reps. A funny story was when one of us was showering, they came into the bathroom and poured a free shot into our mouth whilst we were showering. In other words, stay at this hostel if you want to party hard! The pub crawl here is immense. Paying onto the pub crawl gets you: Slumber Party tank top as well as a bucket of alcohol. (The bucket is literally just alcohol, or might as well be). The pub crawl leads you to several bars where the party doesn’t end and continues all night. The nights out that we experienced at Slumber Party were some of the best of our trip.

The second day at Krabi, we decided to do the hostels “Island Awesomeness” tour where you visit Krabi’s top beaches and go snorkelling. The first thing you do when you get off the boat at the beach is a shotgun at 10am. Safe to say many people struggled with this. Nevertheless, the day was packed with awesome stuff, from seeing the best beaches, going through caves to a secret swimming point and snorkelling. The cool thing we were shown when we were snorkelling, was to take some rice with us and squeeze it and all the fish would come. The only problem with this is, as we ran out of rice the fish started to bite us!! When we arrived back there was no time to relax, as we were forced to go on the pub crawl for the second night and enter the beer pong tournament. Unfortunately, we lost in the first round but we met loads of people so was worth it anyway. The second night we all got split up with one going home with a girl, one going home with his girlfriend and another “enjoying” his time with a lady boy…

The next day we took a flight from Krabi over to Koh Samui where we stayed at a hostel called Casa Luna. The hostel was very nice and the receptionist was ever so helpful. He recommended us to rent some bikes and explore some of the island. We only planned one night in Koh Samui as we had heard that it was overpriced and not worth it. However, if we had more time in Thailand we would have stayed for at least one more day as after a week of hard partying it was nice to just relax. During our stay in Koh Samui we drove to some waterfalls and trekked up the mountain to Na Muang Waterfall 2. This was awesome as we saw an amazing sunset with a stunning view. However, we would like to point out that when you get there, there is an option to take a truck to the waterfall. The people there claim its minutes away. But this is not the case!! They charge you 100 baht to take you 2 minutes down the road and then you have to climb for 30bminutes. Do not fall for this scam! After we had finished watching an amazing sunset, we decided to head to a sports bar and watch some football before leaving for Koh Tao the next day.


Arriving in Koh Tao by ferry at early evening, we checked into our hostel, Taco Shack 1 and headed out for some food! We can recommend a fantastic restaurant called Seafood by Pawn. We enjoyed it so much we went back three times over the course of our stay in Koh Tao. The restaurant is usually really busy (a testament to how good it is) but the service is also really good! They serve excellent fish dishes as well as any Thai curry you could want. When you go to Koh Tao you can’t really come without trying diving. Our hostel was advertising trying some fun dives and this really interested us. One of us had already got their open water in Cambodia earlier in the trip and recommended it to us. If you book with Taco Shack 1, in the morning you are collected and driven over to the sister hostel Taco Shack 2 (The diving hostel). Here, we decided that we would go for two fun dives to see if we liked it or not. At the beginning, you learn the basics of scuba diving before heading out to a max depth of 12m. We enjoyed it so much two of us wanted to get our open water and one of us our advanced. However, the problem was we were leaving Koh Tao to head over to the half-moon party in Koh Pha Ngan the next day. Nevertheless, we decided to come back to Koh Tao after the half-moon party and take a diving course.


Arriving in Koh Pha Ngan and staying at another Slumber Party Hostel, we quickly saw that we had made a huge mistake. Remember us telling you we wanted to go to the half-moon party? Well.. the half-moon party happened the day before we arrived. “Luckily” one of us was quite ill meaning that we would have missed it anyway as we always like to stick together. Nevertheless, it was an annoying mistake as we booked our stay at our hostel in Koh Tao in another two nights. As the island was pretty much dead, we decided to go and take on “The Challenge”. Like the total wipe out course you have probably seen on TV, there are obstacles that you must complete to get to the next level. We spent the entire day here and enjoyed it so much. The only problem is because it’s all upper body exercises, after spending five hours here we were dead. Still, when we got back to the hostel we headed out with some friends that we met and enjoyed a good night with the hostel!

After spending two nights in Koh Pha Ngan, we headed back to Koh Tao to start our diving course! The next couple of days in Koh Tao was spent with the two of us learning our open water courses, and the other, learning his advanced. Just a top tip, after saying in both Taco Shack hostels, I can honestly say that the Taco Shack 2 is a lot better. Although further away from the pier, it offers a great pub crawl and offers diving courses as well! The next three days were some of the best of the entire trip as diving is such a cool and incredible experience. We were all glad that we decided to head back to Koh Tao, even if it did leave us being skint. At Taco Shack 2 we met loads of people and got a good group together, where we went out and enjoyed the pub crawl! Passing our diving courses on our final day in Koh Tao was such a fantastic way to end our island experience. All three of us agree that Koh Tao was our favourite island and diving only added to that! Now we were leaving Koh Tao it was time to head to Bangkok and see the rest of Thailand.

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73 thoughts on “Thailand: Islands and Krabi – Adventure Hard Party Hard

  1. I love your posts guys, I’m so glad that I found your blog! 😀
    Thailand is for a long time on my bucket list, but it’s time to change it soon – seems like that, I’m also crazy about diving so I want to try it there definitely! 🙂

    1. Thank you for your kind words!
      Thailand is INCREDIBLE!! Diving was one of the best experiences of my life, if you want to learn for cheap Koh Tao is the place to be 😊

    1. Hey Eliane! We never visited Koh Lanta as we didn’t have much time. But we loved Koh Tao, we had an awesome experience getting our open water licenses!

  2. Absolutely stunning. This trip looked like so much fun on the YouTube video. The Challenge looked like so much fun!

    1. Thanks for your kind words! We had an amazing time in Thailand! The challenge was really fun, until I landed on my stomach after being bounced in the air – can say it was very painful haha

    1. The challenge is really fun, there’s people all age groups there from really young to old. I’m sure you’d be great at it! The scenery is just out of this world!!

  3. I also went to the islands and Krabi but had a much different experience than you guys! sounds like you had a crazy but fun time! I was more about lying on the beach and relaxing 😉

  4. You definitely had an amazing time! What is the hostel you stayed the first night in Phi Phi that you would not recommend? That would tell me what to avoid! Ten free drinks for 200 Baht sounds great, haha, for a light drinker like me, I would probably passed out after the fifth!

    1. Unfortunately I cannot remember the hostel name, but my advice would be to stay at parties on the beach in Phi Phi and not the cheap ones of the beach! If you don’t pass out in Koh Phi Phi have you even been? 😉

  5. wow, South East Asian travel. Pretty amazing to visit countries all at once. You really did party hard, and that’s a great adventure you had with the Island hopping and snorkeling.

  6. Oh this made me miss Thailand so much. Of course my experience was a bit different as I had kids. However, had I been there in my 20’s, I’m sure it wouldn’t have been much different. Koh Tao is amazing for diving and snorkeling though

  7. Wonderful video compilation! I really helped me see the place better visually. My parents grew up in Vietnam so I love that you were able to explore the southeast Asian region. It looks quite amazing with its rustic and natural beauty.

  8. Wohoo! Reading about Thailand brings back so many memories! It was my first international trip along with guy friends and we had visited Phuket for a bachelor’s party. I have not been to Krabi but whenever I go to Thailand, I will visit this part.

    1. the parties in Southern Thailand are one of the greatest ever! Last time I went to Phi Phi I went boxing and won a bucket of liquor 😀

  9. We went to Koh Phi Phi twice earlier this year – definitely a cool place for a party! We did just like you, enjoyed the beach in the day and partied hard at night. Love this part of Thailand but it can get a bit intense as well!

  10. I loved you nature photos of Thai islands, especially the sunset one. I never knew about Limbo competition and Slumber Party hostel before reading your post but it must be fun party place with full of youngsters. Thanks for sharing all details.

  11. It’s so funny since I disliked exactly this side of Thailand – I was looking for culture and nature – which I found in the northern part – and secluded beaches….which I didn’t find at all. However, if you can’t beat them, join them: On Ko Phi Phi I actually spent a party night out….

  12. I have no idea how I’d feel if somebody came in and poured a shot in my mouth while showering! I mean, did they knock first? Did you ask them? I have so many questions! XD Sounds like you had a great time – partying is not my kind of thing but reading your post I can definitely see why so many people like this side of Thailand!

    1. Hahaha they didn’t knock and I didn’t ask! I had a great time partying, but there is a lot of other things you can do in Thailand that don’t mean partying. Diving, volunteer with elephants, mountain climbing, swimming etc etc!

  13. Wow! Party party! I’ve heard a lot about Krabi especially Phi Phi island, had some friends went there to have a good time as well and they said it was paradise. Great to hear you guys had a wonderful time.

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