Krakow: A Sesh-Lover’s Capital

If you’re a young sesh-lover, then Krakow should be right up there on your party list!  If you want to be close to the action then our number one recommendation is to stay at a party hostel. ‘The Little Havana Party Hostel’ was voted the most popular hostel in Krakow. This hostel offers everything a sesh-lover could dream off. A cheap pub crawl, Foosball tournament, beer pong tournament and Karaoke – is there any better combination? If this doesn’t interest you then don’t worry the hostel offers something for everyone. Havana Hostel provides free or cheaper activities to help you plan your day. This ranges from cliff diving, beer tasting to an ice hockey game.

After deciding to organise a trip to Krakow with 8 people, we can honestly say that this hostel was incredible. It gave you an awesome platform to have a great night. This was our second visit to Eastern Europe and both times we have stayed in a party hostel and both times have been truly out of this world. After speaking to quite a few people, we know that some people are put off by party hostels as maybe partying isn’t their thing. However, places like Krakow are such a fun party city that if you are going there and think you will want to go out, honestly we cannot recommend this party hostel enough!

Now you’ve sorted your accommodation out and decided that you want to stay in a party hostel, its time to hit the town. What makes party hostels so great is that you can sign up to the hostel’s  pub crawl offer, which allows you to have a great night, lots of booze and all for cheap prices. Instead of worrying what the best pubs, clubs and drinks are in Poland, let the hostel do that for you. You should worry about the amount of alcohol you’re going to consume before you even hit the town. With a tonne of free shots and a free happy hour, you will literally be drinking from the bottle. When you finally get to town (if you’re still standing) make sure to accept your free shots in each club before heading to the bar.

In the day time, the 8 of us regularly just walked around the square and main parts of the city looking for somewhere good to eat. However, although we didn’t do too much in the day times when we hadn’t got anything planned, there are many things to do in Krakow during the day time. The old town square and market place is bustling with locals and tourists. Here there are many restaurants and shops for you to visit and spend time at. There is always a great buzz around the square and its street performers only add to this. After experiencing the life of the market, the Royal Castle is about a 15-minute walk away (google maps came in handy here). It’s not the most brilliant castle in the world, but it does have free entry and the overview of the city from the top of the castle provides a nice little way to pass the time.

Krakow old town squre
Old Town Square

Obviously, when you travel to Krakow you must go and visit Auschwitz. Even if history is not your thing, the sombre feeling around the place is something else. The tours are brilliantly run and informative, the sense of what happened here still shocked all of us. The tour will take you around the concentration camp and shows you the furnaces where so many perished. Finally, you will be taken into the death camps where you enter the appalling accommodation of past prisoners. If this does not make you feel a sense of shock and horror then nothing will. Very few words can describe this place but it allows time for reflection. Auschwitz is a place everyone going to Krakow must see.


On a cheerier note, Krakow’s famous salt mines are another place you should visit. Now, I know what you’re thinking; “How can a hole in the ground where they get salt from be remotely interesting?” Well, we too were surprised at how amazed we were by Krakow’s salt mines. In the mines, there are multiple statues, crosses and even a full-size chapel, all made from pure salt. We highly recommend going to the salt mines just to see this chapel, it was quite frankly one of our favourite excursions to date. The mines also feature a restaurant, so if you’re feeling peckish and haven’t already ruined your appetite by licking too much salt off the walls you can always try some Polish food.

One fun activity you can choose to do is shooting. Shooting was an incredible experience! Getting taken to a very remote location on the outskirts of Krakow by a local with an “alternative” driving style (wear your seat belt) only added to the excitement. The activity is not one to miss out on and even if you’re not good at shooting, you still get to fire shotguns, pistols and machine guns – not many things come close to this.

Although for us, Krakow was a place we went to have a short trip away with our friends and a place to have fun, Krakow did have many things other than drinking that travellers can enjoy. Like us, visiting Auschwitz, the salt mines and shooting, are all activities that people should do! Auschwitz is one of the main reasons why we wanted to come to Krakow, and we are all so glad that we could go and just educate our self more on the Holocaust. Readers of our blog will know that our trip to Krakow was very different to our other trips that we have planned. For the first time, we had a group bigger than four people and we had to accommodate things that everyone would like. What I can say, is Krakow is the perfect city for a group of people to visit, as we had a group mixing of boys and girls, some people had never even met before, and everyone went home raving about Krakow!

View the rest of our Krakow pictures here.



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